A collection of images I've gathered around that I like enough to display here! Some are quite heavy so be careful!

None of these are mine, and some of them are so old I don't even know who to credit for them, but if you happen to be the author one of these, drop me a message if you want either to be credited or have the image removed!

Image Collection

Program Manager

Favorite Pokemon

Charizard Skitty Totodile Ninetales Joltik Mightyena Scolipede Swinub

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega Genesis Sonic Tails Knuckles Ring Animated Sonic Sonic with coffee Hedgehog at work

Other Games

Mario Mushroom Coin icon Mario Star Bub Bob Tamagotchi Small Buster Sword Back sign from Rayman

Hunter x Hunter

Gon jumping Killua chewing gum Kurapika giving a lecture Leorio thinking Hisoka being a creep Bisky Melody Chrollo Feitan Machi Nobunaga Shalnark Hunter license Airship Gon walking Gon running Gon bowing Gon punching Killua kicking Killua being like 'hakuna matata' Killua running Kurapika being a smartass Kurapika engaging in self-destructing habits Kurapika being inconspicuous Kurapika dragging Chrollo, literally Hisoka running with a net for some ungodly reason Chrollo sitting

Small Sprites

Mini Floppy Floppy HD Floppy CD Apple logo Microsoft Word icon Paint Icon Palm icon Back icon TV deLorean Road Runner icon Coyote icon Cheetah icon 'New' icon Pink heart tile Blue tile with hearts

Large Sprites

Cheetah with cub Dancing T-Rex PC Sun at sunset My dearest friend Zeru made this sweet bonsai! They allowed me to feature it here!

Gigantic Sprites

Wavy plant Plant Laptop


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shapes divide 1 Mario divide shapes divide 2 Buster sword divide

Backgrounds (Small)

90's tile 1 90's tile 2 Blue tile with bears Tile with dogs Small plaid tile 2 Animated rain tile Stars tile Clouds on blue sky tile Pixel stars tile 1 Pixel stars tile 2 Small plaid tile Spirals Tile Raindrops tile

Backgrounds (Big)

Chocolate and hearts tile Pink hearts background Coffee background Mario Clouds tile Hunter x Hunter background Flower background Lady bugs background Bones background Pink clouds background Planets background Stars background Pixel stars background Stars background 2 Pixel stars background 2 Sakura background Plaid background Cloud background Moon and clouds background City background Flamingo background Blue sky background City background 2 City background 3 Blue clouds background Mountains background Futuristic city background Sonic the Hedgehog 3 animated background Sonic CD animated background Rice fields background Memphis-style background Bees background