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Hiya there! Name is Hyena/Chyena (not actually my real name but I like going by that online). 24 25, latina, jumped to the chance of coding my own site because I have poor impulse control.

I like drawing and retro stuff and coding - I'm improving! - and if you send me photos of guinea pigs I'll instantly consider you a friend. I also like writing and meeting new people, the last which seems oddly harder to do nowadays online than before social media.

Steadily updating website, more content to come! Currently the guestbook, the gallery and storage are open, so feel free to snoop around there if you wish. Or send me an e-mail thru the blinky to your right or this here link if you are on mobile.

Anyway, be seeing you around while I keep working on this all! Have a nice day!

Oh, and if you wanna add my icon Website button, remember to right-click save it and upload it to your own site to save bandwidth! Affiliates are super welcome! Keep an eye out for better icons to come!


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Site-ID TCG Deck

Started by Scerika at Nightmare Fantasmic, the idea is you collect and trade cards with other users to build your deck! How cool is that? Here are the cards I got so far, which will probs be moved to its own section in the future. To get your own card, go over to her site!

My card  Scerika's card  Kei's card 
Lexy's card  Carla's card